RestAsure Bed Bug Spray

Bring Rest Asure Bed Bug Spray with you when you travel to prevent bed bugs from infesting your luggage and clothes. Debug your hotel room when you arrive—and your clothes and suitcase when you leave. This odorless, nontoxic spray (safe for people, pets and plants) kills bedbugs, eggs and larvae on contact and can be used on any surface. Fast-acting minerals ensure you don’t need to wait between spraying and sleeping. Contains no oils or fragrances; leaves no stains or residue.

Bed Bug Spray Rest Asure Features:

  • Kills Bed Bugs, Larvae and Eggs
  • Size 3 oz
  • Made in USA

Active ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride and potassium sorbate

Its always unnerving when you discover a creepy, crawly spider in your otherwise clean hotel room. Some countries just have a large bug bug population and you have to be weary. Not to mention the worry of bed bugs in your hotel room. The occurrence of bed bugs in large cities such as New York and Tokyo have increased. The influx of bed bugs in large cities is partially due to the illegality of strong insecticides and partially due to the amount of international travelers that pass through these large cities. Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on a pant leg or suit case and end up in another country within hours.

When you inspect your hotel room, bring a flashlight with you. Carefully pull back the bedding and look for bed bug residue on the sheets and comforter cover. Thoroughly check the seems around the bedding and pull the sheets back to look at the mattress. Also look behind the headboard, pictures and furniture. If you find any signs of bed bugs request another room and follow the same inspection. When you find a room that looks bed bug free, still take precaution. Keep your luggage up off the floor. Read Going In Style's Blog Post featuring RestAsure Bed Bug Spray.

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