Pocketlens Compact Magnifier Large Set of 2

Large size Pocketlens ships in a set of two. Small, compact convenient magnifier that fits inside of your wallet, purse, daypack or travel passport case. Take the Pocketlens with you everywhere for reading newspapers, books and menus.  Large Pocketlens Magnifier comes with a protective sheet cover for storing inside of your wallet (bigger than credit card size). Great magnifier to take with you traveling road trips, oversea vacations, and camping. Comes with a protective sleeve.

Pocketlens Large Magnifier Features:

  • Magnification 2X
  • Dimensions 3" X 5.75"
  • Set of Two
  • Style PL-E

Magnify your vision with the flat and compact Pocketlens. Pocketlens allows for easier viewing of fine prints of menus, newspapers and contracts. Great way to magnify objects on maps, photos and books.  Convenient alternative to bulky magnifier glasses. Available in two popular sizes: the PL-A credit card size; convenient for storage in a purse or wallet and the PL-E larger size; ideal for home and office use. Both sizes come with a complimentary protective sleeve.

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