Bey Berk Flask 7 oz Chrome

Bey Berk classic chrome plated stainless steel flask holds up to 7 ounces of your favorite beverage. Curved flask fits neatly in your pocket. Hinged screw top is permanently connected to the flask body to keep it from getting lost. Beautiful and shiny chrome plated flask is made of stainless steel. Perfect to bring while traveling.Traditional style silver flask has rounded, contoured edges and fits neatly into your pant pocket and discreetly fit against your thigh.  Makes a great gift or addition to a well stocked bar. Also makes a great travel companion.

Bey Berk Flask Chrome Features:

  • Holds 7 oz
  • Dimensions .75" X 3.75" X 5.25"
  • Weight 7.2 oz
  • Style #FS107

About Bey Berk

In 1981 two distant relatives Serop Beylerian and Kurken Berksanlar, combined their sense of creativity and keen understanding of materials to offer innovative products both for the home and the office and established Bey-Berk International.

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